Aircraft Brokerage
Aviation Consultancy

General Brokerage Terms and Conditions

Commencement of Brokerage Agreement

Our brokerage services will commence on the signing of the Brokerage Agreement between ourselves, JKV Aviation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JKV” or “We”), and you the aircraft owner (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Your”). 

Exclusive Sales Rights

You will grant JKV exclusive rights to sell Your aircraft for a period of 120 to 180 days after the date of our agreement.  We reserve the right to determine the period of exclusivity depending on the type, condition and perceived market demand.

The agreed actual number of days will be specified in the brokerage agreement.

If during the contract period You independently find a customer for the aircraft, under the terms of this Agreement You are required to pass the enquiry on to us.  Under the terms of this Brokerage Agreement You are legally liable for brokerage fees based on the listed percentage of the full asking price as advertised for the aircraft current at the time, plus expenses incurred to that date.

JKV’s obligations to You

We will represent Your interests and present the aircraft professionally and as accurately as possible .

We will keep You informed of progress in marketing the aircraft and of the identity of all likely buyers.

We will negotiate on Your behalf and recommend whether offers should be accepted or not, but in all cases the final decision on whether to sell to a particular buyer at a particular price shall be Your own.

Your obligations to JKV 

You must provide evidence of legal title to the aircraft and inform JKV about any outstanding mortgages on the aircraft. We will check this ourselves with the relevant Airworthiness Authority.

You are responsible for the aircraft’s airworthiness and must ensure that all aircraft log books and documentation required are complete, up-to-date and comply with the law and manufacturers recommended maintenance procedures & service bulletins.

You must inform us if the aircraft is moved from its regular base or if has become unavailable for viewing or demo flights or if it has become un-airworthy for whatever reason.

The aircraft must be positioned somewhere suitable for technical inspection and the taking of good photos.


Before potential customers are taken up for trial flights, We must have sight of passenger & third party liability insurance that complies with the law