Aircraft Brokerage
Aviation Consultancy

Our brokerage fees

Our aircraft brokerage fees are intended to be simple and competitive and may be negotiable if specific market forces or sales cases warrant.

Commission on sale
Actual sales price achieved:

Less than 20,000 UK Pounds
20,000 to 499,999 UK Pounds 
500,000 to 999,999 UK Pounds 
1,000,000 UK Pounds and above

Brokerage Fee:

7% minimum £700

All charges are exclusive of VAT, which is not chargeable as JKV Aviation is not yet registered for VAT.
Additional chargeable expenses (at our discretion) invoiced and payable as incurred :

  • Initial inspection/photography visit, subject to a maximum round-trip distance of 200 road miles, is FREE. Distances over that will be charged at 45p per mile, regardless of the method of transport chosen.
  • Overseas travel will be charged at costs agreed with You.
  • Cost of moving aircraft to selected location for inspection by prospective buyer by agreement between JKV Aviation and You.
  • Cost of pilot for demo flights if provided by JKV Aviation.
  • Fuel and landing fees for demo flights, if applicable.
  • Overnight costs, if applicable.
  • CAA mortgage search fee.
  • Licensed Engineer’s Inspection Fees, if applicable.